Monday, April 11, 2011

Get the word out about this site to your pastor and others

I don't want this blog to become just a niche forum for a very narrow segment of the online population, because quite frankly I think that the message about Christians and preparation for hard times should be spreading rapidly--and those of you who visit this blog are in a great position to help spread the word. I'm not looking for visitors to this blog just for the sake of having visitors; I'm wanting to see Christians across the country and across the world follow the example of Joseph in the book of Genesis, preparing for hard times and by doing so putting themselves in a position to minister to countless others. It's not an exact parallel, but I often think of how the Underground Railroad led captives to freedom and how by stocking up on food and other necessities in preparation for hard times, we will be in a position to feed others physically and spiritually, and our provisions will open the door for us to share with others what Christ has done and is doing in our lives. Feeding hungry, thirsty strangers gets their attention, and as we see in the Gospels so many instances in which Jesus fed people spiritually while also feeding them physically, why should we not be seeking to do the same thing?

But this should be a collective, community effort. Christians all over the country and all over the world should be stocking up so they can minister to others. This isn't just something that should be limited to those of us with Internet access. So I'd like to challenge you to tell your pastor and people in your church and your community about this blog. Tell them that they can go directly to, or you can even send them a link to this site by using the buttons at the bottom of each of these posts--the envelope button at the bottom will send an e-mail message to someone, and you can also post links to this site on Twitter and Blogger using the buttons below. For those of you whose pastors don't have Internet access, print out the articles on this blog and give it to them. I want to see hungry, thirsty strangers fed physically and spiritually and for them to see and hear from us that what they are seeing in action is the love of Jesus. Please tell your pastors about this site and ask them to likewise spread the message of this site to others. It's a great ministry opportunity for each and every one of us who follow Christ.

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